Article 112 - Fear 2 Review

Fear 2 is the sequel to the popular original Fear game that spooked many players.

Just like the original, Fear 2 incorporates elements that will bring shivers up your spine as you solve the mystery of the events from the first game.

Although, you play through the eyes of another character than from the first game, it is just as intrigueing, or so you thought. Plot wise, the huge gap leaves open many questions. Who are you, what are you doing, and why are you here?

The player must go through the game to understand the true meaning. Unfourtunately, this fustrates die hard fans who wanted to see what happened to the main character from the original game.

Dance with your new foe.

The game is challenging, somewhat. On the hardest difficultly, you can bring down most enemies in a few short bursts to the head. You often end up fragging the enemies into pieces for some unknown reason, as if your weapon is vastly superior.

Like the original game, the game is plagued with creepy and spooky cut scenes, often cueing dramatic events in the story. This is what distinguishes Fear from other horror games, spookiness along the lines of story events, not due to mindless garbage.

Cues are given to guide the player forward in the plot.

Stay sharp, or you will miss out relevant story events.

The music is average, there is nothing outstanding about it. The weapon sound effects is weak, it feels like firing a pea-shooter.

The artifical intelligence is, once again, done very well. Enemies are smart, they will try to out flank you. So, be on your toes and use your cover, as enemies will too.

Where is she, when you need a friend?

The graphics is sharp, a slight improvement over the first game. Though nothing spectacular to demonstrate, the shadows will still creep you out. However, the game is noticably grainy for some unknown reason.

Your shadow will scare the living lights out of you.

If you enjoyed the original game, give this sequel a try, you will enjoy it, maybe not as much.

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