Article 19 - Final Fantasy 7 Review

Final Fantasy 7 is one the most epic Role Playing Games (RPG) ever to be developed. It is highly acclaimed and captivated many gamers. Its popularity is due to the advanced graphics, cute character designs, and strong plot. To this day, Final Fantasy 7 still holds a high value compared to many other games. In fact, there has been many petitions for a remake of the game. Thus, many spinoff games, such as Final Fantasy 7 Cerberus featuring Vincent, a playable character from the original game have been created. Unfourtunately, there has never been an official remake. The closest we ever saw of a remake was a Playstation 3 Tech demo.

The game itself was presented with advanced graphics, far beyonds the capabilities in the predecessor gaming systems. It was one of the first 3D RPG games to exist. This bridged the gap between new gamers and new computer systems that were being available to the typical household. Previously, gaming systems were played only by hardcore gamers.

The graphics was not the only factor in promoting the game. The characters were also well liked. Many of the protagonists, Cloud Strife, Aerith Gainsborough, and Tiff Lockhart are still considered the best gaming characters ever to be created. The simple yet blondish hairstyle of Clou modernized the current day fashion of Japanese culture. The tragic end of Aerith sparked controversy over the newly created Internet. As such, characters from Final Fantasy 7 were known throughout the world and the game became very well known.

As a step-up from the music system in predecessor consoles, the Playstation supported a higher bit rate and frequency of music and sound playback. This along with amazing graphics awed many gamers, which glued them to the screens of their television in order to watch the jaw-breaking cinematic cutscenes that first appeared. In one sense, it feels as if one is watching a movie.

However, no game stands a chance unless the plot is strong. Final Fantasy 7 presents the player with a well-written and cohesive plot. The characters are well-developed throughout the game. The player is also introduced to new characters as the game progresses. Some characters add comedic relief such as Yuffie, while other characters such as Vincent generate a serious tone. This sets up an atmospheric environment for the player to explore.

The game presents the player with an explorable world. Inside this fantasy world, the player has a chance to expand the gameplay. For example, the intriguing Golden Saucer has multiple areas of replay games, from rollercoaster to motorbike chases. Players can also participate in the Golden Arena where Cloud and his team must fight to the top.

Final Fantasy 7 was simply a great game. I recommend any player new to the game to try it.

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