Article 30 - Demon's Souls Review

The game Demon's Souls is a highly acclaimed game that is both fustrating but intriquing. The game is rewarding but only for players who take the patience to discover the proper method to play. Do not take the game lightly, overwise, you will end up tossing it aside. It is that difficult to enjoy.

Demon's Souls is a very challenging game because it is aimed at serious hardcore gamers. For example, hardcore gamers are those who perfect their gameplay by acquiring everything and completing the game with 100% status, including items, levels, equipments, and all quests. If you do not fit this category, then you will probably not enjoy Demon's Souls.

What makes this game different is that, you lose your unused experience whenever you die twice in a roll. Big deal you may think, you probably think that you can just spend all your experience but in truth, with that attitude, you will not get far in the game. Because there are times where you need to accumulate your experience, known as souls, in order to advance your skills.

But downright, this game is lacking in juice. For example, there's no background music in the game, so the game is very dry and bland as you progress through the level. The grunt sound effects of dying monsters make the game even worse. I rather not heard these horrible voice overs, in particular, "arg", "ugh", or "ahhh". Instead, I want to experience a polished and refined game; afterall, this game has won several game of the year awards.

Another fustrating product marketing, is that only special editions of the game contain a strategy guide. The strategy guide is not separately sold, and there is no other official guide. I have no idea why the product is marketed that way, but as a gamer, I do not even have option to collect the products for this game, because these special edition games are limited prints.

In terms of gameplay, many critics have acclaimed that the game makes you learn how to defeat your enemies by learning. Well, I was expecting more, because after playing through bits and parts of level 1, 2, and 4 (there's only 5 levels), I still have not learned anything revelant, other than how to time the fire button of my magical wand (catalyst) or when to swing my sword. I was expecting to learn how to deal with situations. For example, what particular strategy to use to fight particular enemies, like laying traps or using the environment. Unfourtunately, most of the time, it is simply an action game. If you are not an action adventure gamer, you might not enjoy this game.

The environment of this game is really dark and gloomy but that is the atmosphere the game was designed as. But this unexciting walk in the park, or rather, walk through a castle is terribly unstatistifying. I would expect enemies lying in the dark to ambush you, this is definitely a positive factor, but if you are adventuring through an empty room, at least make something vivid, and highlight the features. Nothing is worthwhile the trip.

While other critics have rated this game very high, I disagree. Perhaps, they have experienced something different but based off my experience, the game is very lacking. This probably explains why the game is not well-known.

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