Article 56 - Bioshock Review

Bioshock shock the world, or did it? It is another game that mixes first person shooter and role playing game genres into one bag. Even if you are a fan of each type, you may not be too pleased with the mix.

When you first play the game, you will quickly notice the stunningly beautiful water. The opening scene introduces the player to high quality visuals that will leave an impact, forever. Since the game involves a lot of water, the producers most likely invested a lot into producing water that looks and feels realistic. In the opening scene, when you walk up the stairs, you can sense the water dripping from your soaking wet body.

Beautifully crafted dripping water as you climb your first flight of stairs.

Unfourtunately, only the visuals stand out in the game. The enemy artifical intelligence is sub par. Most of the enmies simply run towards you like mad people, well they are mad. While that is happening, you probably only have two or three shots in your ranged weapon and it happens that you miss most of the shots leaving you with no other choice but to fight back using melee weapons such as a crowbar. Furthermore, to acquire ammuniation or other items, you must search bodies, items, and other things. This slows down the game alot but it is there due to the role playing aspect.

You will get burnt if you fight only with a wrench.

That is one mighty fine young lady. Maybe you can befriend her, or not.

You can find coins, which allow you to purchase items and power ups. This is another part of the role playing aspect.

Most modern first person shooters are fast pace games, just point, click, and shoot, then repeat in the next area. Bioshock, on the other hand, requires a bit more complex involvement. The game is not filled with difficult puzzles but there are multiple ways to approach things, which leaves the game open to multiple playbacks. Furthermore, there are branching choices in the game that lets player follow different story paths.

If you want to play through all parts of the game, make sure you make a copy of the save before each choice.

Good thing you are on the other side.

The game does not have a lot of background music. Instead, it is filled with creepy noise. For example, a mad lady seeking for her lost child can give you the chills as her shadow looms over the corner. Do not worry, once she spots you, she will come running to hug you, with a wrench to your head.

Better run, or you might drown.

One feature in the game, although it can be disabled, is a chamber that respawns the player after dying. It is similar to an auto-save feature except, your status is just before you died. You lose any items you acquired or used so far.

The game is fun, that is if you have the patience to rumble through the junk pile finding lost items. The game overall is very detailed and looks extremely well and polished. However, it is not fitting for a purely first person shooting game.

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