Article 6 - Matte vs Glossy Monitors

Are you thinking of purchasing a LCD or LED monitor but cannot decide between a matte panel or glossy panel monitor? Then you need to consider what are the benefits and drawbacks of each type. Each panel has its advantages and disadvantages.

Matte panel monitors are designed to reduce glare but limit the vivid colours of the image. If you compare a glossy panel to a matte panel, the glossy panel typically shows a more lively picture. However, a glossy panel reflects more light, since these panels were designed to allow maximum light reach the user hence, producing more vivid images.

There are two common characteristics of these monitors: vivid pictures and glare. However, we must also consider a third aspect, the graininess of a matte panel monitor. Matte panel monitors are manufactured with bumps on the screen, which is used to reduce glare. But these bumps also produce a rainbow and grainy effect that is not healthy for the eyes. Likewise, a glossy panel monitor will produce glare and is also unhealthy for the eyes.

Since both monitors produce unhealthy side effects, which is the better of the two? Glossy monitors. With a few environment changes, you can eliminate the common glare.

It is much easier to adjust the background lighting to reduce glare than it is to remove the grainy rainbow image on a matte panel. If your monitor faces the window, consider facing the monitor away from the window to reduce glare. If the monitor reflects ceiling light, consider purchasing a desk lamp and angle it behind the monitor so that light doesn't reflect. A reasonable quality desk lamp is inexpensive and worth the investment. On the other hand, if you use a matte screen monitor, then you are stuck with the grainy textured screen, there is no way to eliminate this effect.

Personally, I use glossy panel monitors because I find them easier on the eyes. Matte monitors are too harsh. I also prefer the more vivid and lively images produced with glossy panels. In my office environment, I angle my monitors away from my window and ceiling light to minimize glare. I also use a desk lamp and angle it away from my monitor. This is a typical home or office setup.

If you are shopping at a store, it is easy to determine if the monitor's panel is of matte or glossy type. Simply touch the screen. Glossy panels are smooth and feel like plastic or glass whereas matte panels are more rough. If you look carefully, you can notice the bumps on a matte panel. These bumps serve the purpose of reducing glare but produce rainbow grainy images.

I prefer glossy panel monitors but you need to consider which type of panel best suits your needs. Afterall, it is your eyes that are important.

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