Article 74 - Nissan Versa Review

The Nissan Versa is a small compact car that can zip through traffic without any problems.

The car is small, and handles very slick. Cornering is very good because it is lightweight. It is a hatchback automobile, so it can fit into tight spaces. The view is great, as the driver can easily see all visible areas around the car, which is great for checking blindspots.

The performance of the car is mediocre, it is not too fast. However, since the car is light, it makes up for the smaller engine. In comparison, a BMW M6 that is about 5 car spaces behind can out pace the Nissan Versa in about 100 yards. When the Nissan Versa is doing heavy acceleration, the driver can hear the roaring of the engine trying to keep up.

Features on the car is limited. For example, the air condition does not work well, as it does not cool off the interior of the car at medium or low settings. Only at high settings does the small inside become cool enough.

Although the car does not fit well with families, it certain is worthwhile for singles, who do not need the extra room or power. The car price is very affordable as the market value is low.

Most of the interior is cloth and plastic; however, the price of the car is not very high. In other words, the car is designed for low budget and fits well for economy purposes.

Depending on the price of the car, the Nissan Versa is quite a great car for short but busy driving, especially in downtown areas, where parallel parking is essential.

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