Article 9 - Magic The Gathering Strategies

Magic The Gathering has been around for almost two decades but is still a fun causal and competitive professional card game. The collectable card game was first released in 1993 and named as the alpha set. It then continued to expand into beta, unlimited, revised sets and so forth. But there are some common tips and tricks that I can share with other players.

There are a few ways to win, such as decking out your opponent (standard milling), but the most common approach is to deplete your opponent's life points. Each player starts with 20 life points in a one-on-one game. If you can manage to do 1 damage per turn, then it will take you 20 turns to win. Of course, your opponent is not going to let you do that unless of course you can do damage regardlessly.

The first strategy is to pick consistent methods to do damage each turn, normally this consists of creatures that can tap or use mana abilities to do direct damage. Alternatively, you can use creatures that are unblockable. For example, Pryodingal Promancer can tap to deal damage to player or creature, but this card requires 3 mana to cast. Alternative, you can use Globin Fireslinger which only costs 1 mana instead. You should also consider cards such as Tormented Soul, since it is unblockable and only requires 1 mana to cast. I like Tomermented Soul because I can quickly summon it out and then attach low cost equipments or enchantments on it to do massive damage per turn. For example, if you have one or two Tormented Soul that are equiped with +2/+0, then you can do 3 or 6 damage per turn. You can win in 3 or 4 turns, which is very quick and much too quickly for your opponents to do anything about it.

An equiped Tormented Soul can do damage very quickly.

The second strategy is to find cards that have low casting cost. While it is nice to have strong cards, but if it is not possible to cast them in a reasonable amount of time, then they are as good as nothing. Find cards such as Garruk's Companion which costs 2 to cast but gives 3/2 with trample. This way, it gives pressure to your opponent, potentially making them panic and lose. Especially, if you manage to summon 2 or 3 of these early in the game. Also be aware of methods to protect yourself and your creatures at all time.

Another strategy is to prevent your opponent from taking over. Ensure to have trap cards in your deck, whether you draw it or not relies on luck, but you are in a much better position if you do. For example, include Fog cards in your green decks for moments when you are most vulenerable, espcially, after all your creatures are tapped.

Add Fog as a method to survival.

Always consider instant cards over sorcery cards. While sorcery cards are probably cheaper to cast, instant cards allow you to cast at any time, in particular for critical moments when you need that extra help. You can also cast instant cards to disrupt your opponent's strategy.

One important strategy is to always keep track of your opponent's used and unused mana. Take extra caution as to why your opponent has extra mana unused, since he or she may have some trap cards, such as Cancel or Mana Leak to counter your important spell. You may be confident of winning after casting some important spell that can change the game, but it is no good if your opponent counters it and leaves you hanging. Of course, there are free casting cards such as Force of Will that cost nothing to cast. But these cards are of high value cards. Try to find some of these.

Also try to plan attack combinations. For example, Globin Tunneler works well with Fiery Hellhound as a one-two combo in a red deck. Tap Globin Tunneler to make Fiery Hellhound unblockable, followed by an attack, and finally boost Fiery Hellhound maximize damage. You can also use cards that offer protection from something such as protection from creature, or one or more colours. This way, your creature cannot be blocked or damaged even if it blocks.

Use Globin Tunneler and Fiery Hellhound in a one-two combo.

These are such some basic strategies. Try to participate in friday night magic events to gain more experience and continue to enjoy Magic whether causally or professionally.

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