Help - How to Write Journal Comments

Posting journal comments to reply to journal entries is the perfect way to interact with other friends.

Writing Comments

On the view page of any journal entry, you can add a journal comment.

Journal comments have the following conditions.

  • The position is optional.

    However, if you input a position, you must fill out the entire position requirements, which consists of the following: name, longitude, latitude, and altitude. The longitude, latitude, and altitude can be found on most GPS devices. You may use any name to denote this positional point for the journal entry.

    The requirements for the position input can be found on the help page How to Save a Position.

  • The comment's body must not be empty and may not exceed 4096 characters.

Editing Comments

You can edit any of your existing comments, provided that the journal entry is still valid. A journal entry is not valid if it has been deleted.

To edit your comment, view the journal entry that the comment belongs to. If the comment belongs to you, there will be a link to the edit page. From there, you can make adjustments to the comment.

You can only edit your own comments.

Deleting Comments

To delete the comment, you must first navigate to the edit page of the journal comment. Then, there is a link to delete the comment.

Note: Once you delete a comment, you will not be able to recover it.

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