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If you are having trouble with your registration or account, you can find more information on this page.

Common questions.

Account questions.

Why do I need an account?

While you can continue to enjoy using our website and services, you will need an account to access privileged features available only to registered users. In addition, accessing our website using an account will allow you to customize your experience to fit your needs.

You can register an account on this page. Registration is free and there are no additional costs.

How do I manage my account?

If you are a registered user, you can access the account page to make changes to your account information. In order for you to access your account page, you must be logged into our network.

On the account page, you can make adjustments to your password and other related account settings.

Why do I need to activate my account?

In order to prevent unauthorized users, we require that you activate your account before we can grant you access to registered services.

Activation is very simple, and there are no hidden costs to activate. Simply follow the instructions as outlined in the activation email that you receive after registering an account.

If for any reason that you do not receive an activation email, you may request for another activation email to be sent to your registered email on the resend activation email page.

Please note that we may remove unactivated accounts after a period of time.

Why do I need a secure password?

Your personal and confidential information is of great importance to both you and us. We take pride in securing all the information that is sent to us. Therefore, we request that you associate a strong password with your account.

Your password must meet the following requirement. It must contain at least 5 characters and no more than 32 characters.

When selecting a password, we recommend to include a variety of upper and lower case characters along with a combination of numeric values.

How do I retrieve my account information?

We value your personal and confidential information, and ensure that your information is properly stored in our systems. However, if you ever need to retrieve your account information, we will try to receover your information to the best of our abilities, provided that you provide us information to recover your account.

Please note that we will never ask you for any confidential information in an email. Pay extra caution before disclosing personal information.

If you lost your username, simply provide us with the email that you used to register your account. We will send your username to that email. You can recover your username on this page.

If you lost your password, simply provide us with the username and email that you used to register your account. We will send you further information on reseting and changing your password. You can recover your account on this page.

What information do I need to provide when registering an account?

When you register an account, we ask that you provide us with the following required information. Your information will be securely stored in our systems.

What is an acceptable username?

Your username must contain at least 4 characters and no more than 32 characters. The valid characters consists of alphabet letters, numeric values, and the underscore.

Your username will be unique to you and you must use your username to log into our network.

What is an acceptable password?

Your password must contain at least 5 characters and no more than 32 characters. The valid characters consists of alphabet letters and numeric values.

Your password will be required when logging into our network.

What is an acceptable first and last name?

Your first and last name must represent you. We will use your full name to address you properly.

Each of your first or last name must be between 2 to 32 characters in length, inclusively. Only alphabet letters and spaces will be accepted.

What is an acceptable email?

At the moment, we only accept email addressess that are 128 characters or less. If you email address does not meet our requirement, please use another.

We only accept email addresses that contain only alphabet letters, numeric values, underscore, period symbol, and the @ symbol.

Your email address must be correct and valid, since we will communicate important information to you using your email such as account registration details.

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