Terms and Condition

Last Modified: September 23, 2011

By using the features and resources provided by Vantasy World, you are subject to our policies, including consent to our terms and conditions. You have the right to not agree, but as a consequence, you may not use any of our resources. Our policies may change without notices, and newer policies supersede any previous versions, unless stated otherwise. If you have any concerns, you may wish to contact our legal department.

Any resources owned or operated by Vantasy and any of its subsidiaries are additional to this policy.

The following is the policy, includings terms of usage.

Access to Resources

Access to public resources is non-restricted and available to any user unless blacklisted. A blacklisted user may not attempt to use our resources for any reasons, all other users have unlimited access. A public resource is any resource that is made publicly available to each and every user.

Access to private resource is restricted and limited only to authorized users. When in doubt, you should contact our legal department to determine if you are an eligible user; otherwise, all attempts, whether you are authorized or not, will be logged. If we deem you are a threat to our systems, we will take actions to remove the threat, which may include legal actions.

User Content

Any content that is made available by the user, whether publicly, protectedly, or privately is considered a property of Vantasy World while World holds custody of it. Content that we hold custody includes, but is not limited to, any digital content such as photos, videos, or comments submitted by the user.

Any content in our custody will be enforced with strict access. We will provide proper access and use of any content to the best of our ability.

Any user has the option to remove and or change the availability of any content residing in our systems at any time; however, we will maintain a record of all user actions and the associated content.

To facilate and enhance the quality of our service, we may, if necessary, modify any content in our system, which may affect the original submitted user content.

Acceptable Content

Our resources are made available to a large audience, so we request that you use the best judgement before submitting any content. We ask that you respect a wide diversity of audience and upload content that will not demean any user, group, culture, or ethnicity. No pornographic, violent propaganda, or racist submissions will be tolerated.

Any unacceptable behaviour will be enforced by our administrators. Examples of enforcement includes removing or altering the content, or revoking user privileges. Under severe conditions, we may also remove the user account or blacklist the user from our systems.

Limited Liability

At any time should our systems fail, whether evident or not, we will not be held responsible for any damages that may be caused as a result of using our services. However, we will, to the best of our abilities, ensure that our systems shall not cause damage to auxiliary systems, which includes the terminal that is used to access our resources.

We do not guarantee that our services will always be operating in the most efficient and effective manner at any given time. Though, we will ensure that our systems will provide the best service.

Should our system fail to provide adequate service, you shall not and will not hold us liable for poor service. You shall not and cannot accuse us for sub-par standard.

Your agreement

By using our resources, you agree to our policies including the terms and conditions.

We may change the terms and conditions without notice.

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