Article 100 - Mafia 2 Review

The original Mafia game was a masterpiece. It was the movie Godfather packaged into a game. The game was driven by an epic and compelling storyline. Can Mafia 2 do the same?

Not much can be said about Mafia 2, it was suppose to be a big hit but the game lacked presence to dominate the market. The game was short lived and disappointing.

The original Mafia was a game driven by strong story line. It was also a game with an open world concept, similar to Grand Theft Auto, except more strict and unforgiving. For example, speeding and road rage alerts the police but is nonsense in Grand Theft Auto.

Who could resist driving off course in this vista scene?

Unlike the original Mafia game, Mafia 2 does not resort to the traditional health system. Players will no longer need to manage their health such as searching for and tracking down health packages. The new gameplay uses a regenerative health system. Unfourtunately, this new style of gameplay is boring as players can retreat, regain health, and fight again. There is no sense of danger.

Who needs health when you can meet ladies like her?

Beautiful, simply beautiful, the game that is.

Another change in gameplay is the ability to play covered from the environment such as shooting behind the wall. While this is more realistic, it is nonsense when playing with a mouse and keyboard. Truthfully, the game was designed to be played on a console using a gamepad and later ported to the PC market.

Battle your way in the third person shooter.

If you were a fan of the Mafia game, you may want to try Mafia 2.

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She is hot.

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