Article 11 - Call of Duty Modern Warfare Review

Call of Duty 2 was a fantastic game. It set a roadmap for future games. The developers have followed up with another excellent game, Call of Duty Modern Warfare. While the predecessor games in the series were based during the World War 2 era, Modern Warfare focuses on "modern" tactical combat.

The player assumes the role of a soldier in modern time undertaking various missions around the world. The player is equiped with advanced weapons such as the M4 or AK47. Other times, you are given advanced warfare technology to complete your mission. During one mission, you wipe out the enemy forces using air supported attacks.

Provide air support during the night raid.

You have the opportunity to operate a wide selection of weapons.

You play along your best friend and mentor, Captain Price. At various times, you also participate in missions related to the younger Captain Price. Can you live up to the name of the young captain and save your comrade, or will you fall in the demise of hordes of enemy swarms?

Follow your orders from Captain Price who is also your mentor.

The game does not have a health system. Instead, the character has a regenerative health system, which somehow replishes itself after a few moments. So, whenever you are hurting from multiple gun shot wounds, simply hide behind cover and you will be healed automatically. While this system is designed for a younger generation, it takes away the traditional treasure hunting and adrenaline in classic shooter games.

Another popular game style that is well evident through out the game is the infinite spawning of bots. Whenever you gun down an enemy and you do not advance the game, more enemies will continue to spawn regardlessly. So, it is important to continue to advance the game at all times.

There are even more enemies waiting for you inside.

The atmosphere is well defined. The background visuals clearly help set the mood that you are in a war. Wherever you go, there will be plenty of things to see. Take note of your surroundings soldier, you will need to map out all the cover spots and sniper positions quickly.

Use your surrounding to stay hidden while keeping up.

In a battlefield, using all your sensory systems is vital to survival. This game does well to aid your auditory senses to the maximum potential. Even if you are just enjoying the game, listen to the surrounding ambient noise. You will be able to hear realistic gunfire, explosives, cries, and your own heartbeat.

Can you handle the pressure?

Call of Duty Modern Warfare pits players in intense warfare. Gear up soldier, get ready for combat.

Have you got the guts to stare down the barrel of a gun?

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