Article 20 - Soldier of Fortune 2 Review

Soldier of Fortune 2 was an exceptional game but also frustrating at times. If you played through the game on the hardest difficulty then you will need to restart each segment many times, especially, during the later half of the game.

The game is frustrating, but it is also very fun. First of all, it is frustrating because the game uses spawning enemies when you are least expecting it. For example, after clearing a room full of enemies and then as you turn your back, an enemy shoots you in the face. And when you play on the hardest difficulty you are only allowed one save per level. Thus, if you did not save, then you have to play the entire level again, just to get shot at the same place.

However, the game itself was designed very well. You are exposed to many different locations in the world. For example, you need to need to battle through Chinatown and if you wander carelessly, you will be gunned down by a street prostitute. There is a large variety of enemies that you encounter, and each has a different personality. So, you will play through each level with a different touch.

You are not on a date.

You might want to bring a pair of goggles.

The player should brace themselves and pack a big lunch because the game is not short. The game comes with a whole horde of levels. There are over thirty levels to play through and each level is not short.

The artificial intelligence was done well, apart from the frustrating scripted spawning. If you tread carelessly, you will regret it. The game is not slow paced either, it is high in action. Once you step through that door, prepare yourself for combat, since each corner and turn will present you with more enemies. And if you backtrack, sometimes you will be attacked unexpectedly. In other words, there is no safe place to hide.

While the story is not unique, you are presented with a plot that helps advance and explain the various places you will visit. However, do not expect a well-written plot.

Care for a swim?

Soldier of Fortune 2 is great. If you do not own a copy, I recommend purchasing one. But be warned, prepare a big lunch, you will need it.

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