Article 25 - iPod Touch 3 Review

The iPod Touch 3 is very good, but there is not much of a physical change in the model compared to the previous version. It looks practically identical to the iPod Touch 2. So, why should one upgrade?

This version of the iPod Touch features an advanced processor and upgraded memory units. It also allows the user to multi-task with multiple applications. Apparently, the iPod Touch 2 does not support multi-tasking. Multi-tasking is useful for switching between applications.

With newer and more advanced processing power, the iPod Touch 3 also supports increased performance in applications, most noticably in 3D applications. However, most applications share support in prior versions of the iPod Touch too so, the hardware upgrades may not warrant purchasing a new model. However, 3D applications should be much smoother.

Officially, the iPod Touch 3 includes a battery with a higher rating, so one should expect more battery usage per charge than the iPod Touch 2. However, iPod Touch 3 is marketed with less battery life, probably due to the increased consumption in processing requirements. However, an average user should not notice a difference, because in the end, the battery consumption will depend on the end user's activities.

iPod Touch 3 Battery Consumption Comparison.

The iPod Touch 3 is a good product, but if you currently own an iPod Touch 2, then you will need to consider the marginal gain between the two products.

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