Article 48 - Half Life 2 Review

Half Life 2, the successor to the famous original Half Life game that has won many awards. Half Life 2 picks up from the first game including many of the annoying grunts presented in the first game.

Gordan Freeman, where are you?

You reprise the role of Gordan Freeman, the main character who tried to escape Black Mesa in the original game. Along the way, you meet new friends, people that extend your network beyond Barney. Remember Barney, the security guard who seems to find a way into each mess during the first game.

Half Life 2 characters who you can interactive with.

Of course, new characters you meet are interactive and they play along your story more intimiately than those from the first game. In fact, much of the story requires your interaction with some of the side characters.

Given almost a decade later, the game demonstrates new enhanced graphics and physics engine. In particular, the gravity gun can be a lot of fun. The classic guns are back, pistols, submachine guns but new enhanced secret weapons add to the fun.

The sound effects follow directly from the original game. It is aweful because most of the sound effects are directly taken but with a slight twist. As usual, the game lacks a lot of background music, unless of course, you are in a heavy gun fight or boss fight. A lot of the background music is a variation of rock or adrenaline pumping tunes but last so short that it becomes disappointing.

The game itself is not too short but definitely not as long as the original game. It is longer than most other 2006 games. Again, throughout the story, keep your eye open for secret appearances such as the mysterious G Man.

Oh, G Man's here, throw a party.

If you like riding cars or trains, there are plenty to interactive within this game.

Although, some maps are quite large, the game loads in multiple sections. Each load also quick saves your status. So you do not have to worry about playing a lot of the game again. While this is rewarding for a causal gamer, hardcore gamers may find this handicap too much. Of course, the player can opt to disable it.

if you enjoyed the original Half Life, it is suggested that you play Half Life 2. Looking into the future, Half Life 2 Episodes 1 to 3 will be due out shortly.

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