Article 63 - Gears of War Review

Gears of War, one of the most popular games made available to Xbox 360 and to some degree, Windows.

First of all, weak plot. The story is made even weaker by the fact of the new type of third person shooter. Most of the time, you will find yourself crouching behind some obstacle and leaning out to shoot. It is like shooting at a carnival. So much for that.

Are you courching again?

Fourtunately, the game has amazing visuals built on top of the new Unreal 3 engine. Graphics are beautiful. Character models are very detailed. The environment is marvelous, except, you cannot wander outside your area.

This character looks very realistic.

Beautiful character models.

The gameplay is very linear, you follow the route to your next destination. Unfourtunately, that limits the amount of freedom the player has, since you cannot even jump into the river that is a foot from you. A mysterious and invisible wall blocks your way.

However, this is the future of co-operative gameplay. Co-operative gameplay is designed for a group of players (most often friends), to get together and have a lot of fun. Making the game too hard may fustrate the causal gamer. Thus, Gears of War is tailored to more causal gamers than hardcore gamers.

Brace yourself for combat.

The voice acting is aweful. It is painful to the ears. Perhaps too much time was invested into making the game look good. Do not expect to hear a lot of background music, there is barely any. And if there is music playing, it would most likely be a rockish tune, which kind of fits the post-apocalyptic world.

The enemy artifical intelligence is really dumbfounded. Most of the enemies you encounter will just try to shoot you from afar, often in the opening for you to easily hit. It is like playing the shooting games at a carnival. Oh that was mentioned already. Well, that is how repetitive the game is.

If you have never tried the game, give it a pop, maybe just for the visuals. Invite a friend or two over, the game is more of a social activity than a game.

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