Article 66 - Max Payne 2 Review

May Payne 2, a spectacular sequel to the original Max Payne game. The story builds on the plot from the first game, adding more depth to the characters.

Like the first game, you are going to be deceived by everyone and everything, including yourself. What you see will be the question to your life. Is that real, or just your hallucination?

You are still in a dream...

The theme of Max Payne is marvelous. The story is suggestive but well written. The cutscenes are very informative. However, the game has a lot to offer.

Ready to inflict some pain?

The length of the game is slightly longer than the average game. But if you do not watch your back, you will be kissing the concrete a lot. The game is punishing to those who run and gun blazing into the room (without using bullet time). A few shots and you are gone. Make sure to pick up every pain killer you find.

Mona Sax can dish out a lot of pain.

There are a lot of characters to meet. It is almost as if the game was ripped right out of a movie. The cutscenes are on par with movies. The story revolves along strong love and romance.

The story is based around romance.

Much of the game is very dark. Not dark as in hard to see but dark as in the theme. As you progress through the story, you will unreveal conspiracy theories and other unimaginable intentions. Due to the dark mood of the game, a lot of the background music has a sad tune to it suggesting a sorrowful past. Other times, when you are hallucinating, a wacky and creepy music is played. You are Max Payne afterall, a guy high on whatever drugs they are feeding you.

The graphics is average, nothing too special to talk about. A lot of the game is designed in greyish colour to bring out the grey world you live in. Until you hit the fun house. Then the world lights up like crazy.

The fun house is a lot of, well, fun!

Fourtunately, during the game, you have the chance to play as Mona Sax, the counterpart to Max Payne. In her story, you learn a lot about her past.

Mona Sax.

Challenge yourself, play the game without using bullet time. The rest of the images is a simple gallery of some of the interesting things that can be found in the game.

Who is in for a game of pool?

That's my car.

A rare sight to see.

Max Payne is dead, he does not even have a shadow.

She will screw you.

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