Article 7 - Macbook Pro 2010 2nd Edition Review

The Apple Macbook Pro 2010 2nd Edition is a great portable notebook. This review is based on the 13 inch version that came out in April 2010.

So, how good is this notebook?

The notebook is fairly light and compact, boosts good battery life, has a fast processor, and comes with a great screen. You can also dual boot into Windows after some setup procedures. So far, the specification looks good but it fails to meet some of my other demands, especially, the battery consumption.

The battery consumption depends heavily on usage, which varies greatly from the advertised rate at 10 hours. I tested and noted the number of hours I could use the notebook after a full charge. Here are some of the statistics: 10 hours of music playback, 3.5 hours in dual booted Windows 7, 4.5 hours of 720p video playback, 2.5 hours of 1080p video playback, 6.5 hours of web surfing and note taking, and 4 hours of chess.

Battery consumption during different usages. Higher is better.

I was surprised at the increased battery consumption during video playback and gaming. As expected, the extra battery consumption is due to the increased GPU usage, since the Macbook Pro comes with switchable graphics processor. In heavy graphical processing, the Nvidia 320 M processor will be activated. Thus, consuming a lot more battery. I was disappointed that I could only enjoy 3.5 hours of chess during my plane flight.

Although the battery consumption was up to par with my expectations, the Macbook Pro does come with a high quality battery pack. I have used this notebook rigorously for over a year and my battery life is still rated at about 95% of the original life. That is, the battery only deteriorated 5% from the original opening. I am truly impressed by the quality, especially since I have exhaustively used the notebook to test the battery life.

The screen on the battery life is also superb. The 13 inch screen is very vivid, as colours accurately reflect the image. However, the screen is a glossy panel, so there will be some glare depending on where you sit in the room. For students, this might be a problem in the classroom; however, I never noticed the glare at the lecture hall.

Animations, video playback, and graphical applications are displayed with great detail on the screen. A problem in common LCD monitors is the tearing of the picture or ghosting when the screen cannot catch up to refreshing the image. As usual, Apple has installed a high quality screen, so tearing is minimized. There is ghosting, but not a lot.

The notebook itself is fairly light. I carried it around with me all the time and barely noticed it. However, it is not as light as I hoped, since it is still much heavier than a netbook.

The processing power is amazing. I am able to play 1080p high definition video or flash animations due to the Nvidia 320 M GPU. I can surf the web and write a document at the same time as well. The Intel Core 2 Duo processor and Nvidia 320 M supplies enough power for the typical user to do almost anything he or she needs on a daily basis.

I have also tried playing games on it. The frames per second (FPS) on modern games is not substainable for smooth gaming on medium settings. However, simpler games such as chess, which comes pre installed, runs great on this notebook. But if you want to play fast paced action oriented games such as Unreal Tournament 3 or Starcraft 2, then you might want to consider purchasing a desktop alternative.

The Macbook Pro comes in a silver aluminimum casing with rounded edges, which makes it easy to carry and hold. The look and feel of this notebook is amazing. Many consumers purchase this notebook because of the look and feel, you should too.

I recommend purchasing the Macbook Pro for yourself, or for your son or daughter to take to school. The notebook has a sturdy built and comes with high quality parts. It's light and comes with good processing power. Most importantly, it comes with enough battery power to last you for the entire day. I recommend the purchase of this notebook.

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