Article 72 - Quake 4 Review

The long awaited Quake 4 is finally out. Those who played the original Quake 2 will surely pick up this game, since it is a continuation of the story from the previous game.

After leaving your doomed past, you somehow manage to get picked up by the marine again, only to be sent back in to battle the stroggs. This time, you are back with a meaner and tougher body.

It is no joke, you get stroggified at some point, meaning parts of your body are enhanced with parts that make you superior in every aspect.

Although that may sound scary, and believe it, it is as you watch the two minute cutscene of being ripped apart, your heart pounds to every degree looking for a revenge of the Makron. Indeed, the Makron is back, are you prepared to hunt it down?

Watch as you get ripped apart.

Wipe that smile off the Makron.

Quake 4 has a lighter tough of rock music than Quake 2. But it is not less satisifying. As you toe to toe with a gladiator, the music is going to drive your reflexes, hopefully, you will survive.

If that is not enough, berserkers can outrun you and smack you so hard you wish you could run to your mommy. That is not all, most of the game is built around indoor dark and gloomy environments. Fourtunately, unlike Doom 3, you have the option to use the flashlight.

Toe to toe fighting is not recommended.

Even with the flashlight, your comrades can give you the chills as they secretly approach you unexpectedly. Or when they unlock the Iron Maidens who scream and toss you around for dinner.

Who is more scarier, your comrades or the stroggs?

What an insanely creepy way to lineup your soldiers.

In the ocassional outdoor environments, you will notice a slight change in atmosphere. I must say, the outside environment looks terrible and unpolished. A lot of the graphics is fuzzy. However, it is well known that the Doom 3 engine, which also powers this game, is not designed for outdoor environments even with the use of MegaTexture as developed by John Carmack.

The outdoor looks like a game from the 90s.

Similiar to the original Quake 2, the enemy does not exhibit smart intelligence. If you recall from Quake 2, most of the enemies simply run back and forth. Likewise in Quake 4, the enemy is either ducking behind a wall, or running back and forth. Only the Berserker will give chase but often gets stuck anyways.

You are going to have to fight that, someday.

The infamous Iron Maiden is back but she is not a push over. If you think you have her in the bag, she will give you the kiss of death.

She becomes quite cranky if you disturb her slumber.

She is not here on a date.

Pick up this game, it is worth the time to try, especially, if you enjoyed the original Quake 2.

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