Article 76 - SAS Secure Tomorrow Review

SAS Secure Tomorrow, a world wide game that is not known world wide. A game that was underwritten. The game is not terrible, it is playable but it does not have any big names to help promote it.

You play in the role of a counter-terrorist soldier participating in dangerous missions to protect your country. The story is uninteresting; however, the action is average but it can be quite different.

She is too freaky to appear in this game.

The game is diffierent from other mainstream series. Somehow, yet it is unexplainable. There are a lot of common elements incorporated in this game that is also found in other games. For examples, the use of waypoints (except, waypoints are illuminated to guide the player) advances the story.

Waypoints guide you throughout the linear game.

Unfourtunately, the game is extremely linear. The player must follow exact routes to proceed. Each section of the game can be very short, that is if the player rushes through enemies, or very long, if the player gets pinned down under heavy fire.

The voice acting is done by people who have strong accents. While this is convincing, since you are in the role of a British soldier, it is laughable at times. The dialogue is simple enough to understand, nothing fancy as found in movies. The cutscenes do not propel the story forward, only the game play.

Staring down the sight of your weapon is realistic.

The game is playable but it is highly recommended to stick to higher budget games.

This vista is unheard of in other games.

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