Article 8 - Gran Turismo 5 Review

The long awaited Gran Turismo 5 has finally been released. What is it like and has it lived up to its name? It sure has! But it will not satistify all gamers.

When you first start the game, you will notice a different atmosphere in the gameplay. A change in the game series is that it now introduces experiences. While Gran Turismo 4 already rewarded gamers with experience after each race, Gran Turismo 5 is a lot more persistent about it. In fact, the game stalls gameplay by making the player grind for more experience in order to advance to the next level. If you simply want to hop into a car and play the game from beginning to end, then this is not the game for you. In fact, I was stalled at many points in the game and prevented from advancing simply due to the inadequate amount of experience that I currently have. There is a set amount of experience required in order to participate in the next race. I was fustrated, and so will many other players. The game itself makes the player repeat many races in order to advance to the next stage.

The dreaded endurance races are also back. Unlike Gran Turismo 4, where you can have a b-spec driver race the 24 hour races for you, Gran Turismo 5 separates races into a-spec and b-spec modes. Furthermore, the experience requirement prevents you from transfering between a-sepc and b-spec races. In other words, if you lack experience b-spec mode, you can not use your a-spec experience to level up. This can be fustrating and not to mention driving 24 hours non-stop in the endurance races will be a long route. Hopefully, the game makers will release a patch that allows saving in pitstops soon.

The new gameplay now supports up to 16 cars per race. This is an additional 10 cars in contrast to Gran Turismo 4. But be warned, when there are more than 5 cars on the screen, the frames per second will drop a lot. I was disappointed at this, since I expected the strong cell processor should have been able to handle a lot more.

As usual, photo mode is back and better. This time, you are able to take photos in game during replays. Furthermore, you can drive in preset locations such as Tokyo, Japan. The photos and images that are produced are simply fantastic. The game indicates that it can produce images up to 18M in resolution. However, there are three resolutions that really occur, which are 6M, 12M, and 18M. You need to find the right combination of cars and background in order to take a full 18M resolution photo. Normally, a 12M is the best that you can take, which is still very good. A 18M photo probably requires a premium car.

Photo mode at a preset location.

Although the game consists of over 1000 cars, there are only about 300 cars that are classified as premium, the rest are standard cars. The difference in premium and standard cars is the level of detail on the car. Premium cars are those that can be purchased in the new car dealership, while the used car dealership normally sells standard cars. To be honest, standard cars look as if the car textures itself were ripped from a Playstation 2 version, perhaps from Gran Turismo 4. But the cars that are truly premium are simply amazing.

It feels as if the number of race events has decreased in Gran Turismo 5 compared to its predecessor (GT4). There are 9 race events in each of the 5 series: beginner, advanced, intermediate, expert, and extreme. This gives a total of 45 race events. There are also special events, which pits the player in special driving events such as learning the Nurgburing in a Mercades Benz to rally racing. In fact, unlike its predecessors, rally events only occur in these special events.

One noteworthy race event is the tarmac races. The night time tarmac races are realistic. They are dark, but you have the option to use low and high beams to help you see. The turns are also very sharp. While you can barely see the upcoming corners, you will feel the adrenline pumping in your heart as you race towards the finish line. This makes a deadly combination and is a recipe for disaster but is a lot of fun. I enjoyed it. You can also enjoy the fireworks that light up the sky, your screen.

Stunningly beautiful tarmac night race.

Fireworks are a major distraction when driving at high speeds but also a beauty to see.

I consider Gran Turismo 5 a great game, I also played its predecessors from 1 to 4. I purchased this game as part of my collections. I recommend you to try the game as well, you will like the real driving experience.

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