Article 80 - Turning Point Fall of Liberty Review

Turning Point Fall of Liberty is merely another one of those low budgeted world war 2 first person shooter games. Nothing special.

The game is designed to be played primarily on the console system, however, a Windows version is also available. A lot of the game involves adventures such as climbing objects to reach your goal, very typical of console games.

You will be climbing a lot.

The first person shooting aspect of the game is the standard shoot and continue. Most of the weapons belong to the world war 2 era, since the game is set in a parallel world during the world war 2.

Typical console actions are available even in the Windows version.

Watch who you shoot.

The artificial intelligence is subpar, most of the enemies are dumbfonded. I doubt they have a clue what is really going on, other than following the game script.

You are thrown into a world straight from the beginning of the game.

When things blow up, does it not feel good?

Only play this game if you have nothing else to do.

The ship fight is one of the best moments.

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Posted by anonymous - Lax at Tuesday, January 1, 2013 12:21 AM

Game doesn't look half bad.

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