Article 99 - Rage Review

Mega Textures in extreme mode is probably the first impression you will get during the first few moments of the game. The game vibrants so much that it glares your eyes. Rage looks and feels amazing.

Rage is set in an open world environment, players move freely to achieve objectives. To many players, there is a strong resemblance of Borderlands. If you wish to know about the game Borderlands, you may want to read Article 59 - Borderlands Review.

Open world environment gives players freedom.

The game even opens very similarly to Borderlands. When you begin, you meet your trusted buddy, who offers you a simple weapon to defend yourself. Then you are offered a buggy to travel. At this moment, you probably should take a detour and wander around to sight see.

Take your trusted buggy and go for a wild ride. Enjoy the scenery while you are at it.

There is plenty to see and do. Unlike Borderlands, the game uses 3D Graphics whereas Borderlands uses cell shaded animation.

This has got to be at least movie quality.

Rage has been critized to be a duplicate of Borderlands but in truth Rage is by far superior in every aspect. Go pick up a copy and start exploring.

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