Help - How to Make Friends

Making friends is the best way to share your experiences with other individuals. Your friends will have access to view your journal entries.

Friend Requests

To invite another individual to become your friend, you must first send a friend request to that individual. You can send a request by clicking on the Add Friend link on the profile page of the user. For your convenience, you can also find this link on most other pages such as searching for friends.

Once you send a friend request to another individual, you must wait for him or her to confirm before the both of you are friends. During this period, you are not considered friends with another individual.

At any time, you may view your incoming friend requests through the menu link. This list consists of other individuals who have requested a friendship with you. You have the option to confirm or deny the friendship.


Being friends with another individual grants you the ability to view his or her journal entries, along with other files such as photos that they share. You can view your list of current friends, make changes to this list, view individual friends, and search for other friends.

Removing a Friend

To remove another person from your friend list, you need to click on the Unfriend link on the profile page of your friend. Once you unfriend another individual, you must restablish the friendish again for the full benefits of being friends.

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