Help - How to Write Journal Entries

Journal entries are the premium form to collect all your experiences into one place. You can view your previous entires or write new entries for events that are taking place throughout your life.

Writing an Entry

Writing a journal entry is the first step to collect your experiences. To write a new entry, select Post Journal Entry from the menu links. You will then be given an editor for writing your journal entry.

The following conditions will apply to your journal entry.

  • The title of the entry must not be empty and cannot exceed 1000 characters.
  • The post (body) of the entry must not be empty and cannot exceed 65535 characters.
  • The start and end date/time of the entry must be valid. The date and time have the formats YYYY/MM/DD and hh:mm, respectively. For example, 2011/07/25 and 3:30pm. The am/pm is required to denote the time of the day. The end time must be after or the same as the start time.
  • The position is optional.

    However, if you input a position, you must fill out the entire position requirements, which consists of the following: name, longitude, latitude, and altitude. The longitude, latitude, and altitude can be found on most GPS devices. You may use any name to denote this positional point for the journal entry.

    The requirements for the position input can be found on the help page How to Save a Position.

Editing an Entry

You may edit an existing journal entry at any time. To edit an entry, navigate to the entry and select edit. The journal entry editor will resemble the editor you used to write a journal entry. The same conditions will apply.

Deleting an Entry

If you need to delete an entry, you may delete it by following the next step. You must navigate to your existing journal entry, and select edit. On the edit page, there is an option to remove the journal entry.

Note: Once you remove the journal entry, you will not be able to recover it at a future date. All other comments associated with the deleted entry will also be deleted and unavailable to other users.

Sharing Journal Entries with Friends

Your journal entries are automatically shared with your friends. At the moment, there is no way to not share an entry.

Adding Images

To add images in your journal entries, enclose the image id between the two tags "[IMG]" and "[/IMG]". For example, "[IMG]123[/IMG]" will display the image with id 123. Do not enclose with the double quotes.

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