Help - Upload and View Photos

Uploading and sharing your photos is a great way to collect your experience and elaborate on your journal entries.

Uploading a Photo

To upload a photo, select Upload Photo from the menu links. You will be navigated to an upload editor.

The following conditions will be applied to your uploaded photo.

  • The name of the photo must not be empty and may not exceed 255 characters.
  • The image file must be in formats of either jpg or png. The file may not exceed 10MB in size.

Viewing Your Photos

You can view your photos by selecting View Your Photos through the menu links.

You may also view an individual photo by selecting it from the photo list.

Editing a Photo

When you select a photo, you are given the option to edit the photo. You will then be given an editor to make changes. The same conditions will apply.

Deleting a Photo

To delete a photo, you must view the photo, and then navigate to the edit photo page. Then, there will be a link to delete the photo.

Once you delete the photo, you will not be able to recover it. All other references to the photo (i.e. journal entries), will be replaced will a generic photo not found image.

Sharing your Photos with Friends

Your photos are automatically shared with all your friends. At the moment, there is no method to not share your photos.

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