Help - How to Save a Position

Positions are markers to help identify a specific location in the world. It is similar to GPS coordinates.

The set of latitude, longitude, and altitude will further be referenced as position coordinate, and can be used interchangably.

Saving a Position

There are many ways to save a position for future use. You can select an existing saved position from another user, and also save that position in your list, or you can save a new position.

While saving a position using any method, you will be given an editor to adjust the position accordingly. The following conditions apply.

  • The name of the position must not be empty and cannot exceed 200 characters.
  • The position coordinates must be valid.

    Position coordinates have the following requirements and each entry must be filled in correctly.

    Latitude: ranges between -90 to +90, inclusively. The precision is to 9 digits. For example, 88.123456789

    Longitude: ranges between -90 to +90, inclusively. The precision is to 9 digits. For example, 88.123456789

    Altitude: ranges between -100,000 to +100,000, inclusively.

  • The comment of the position may be empty; otherwise, it may not exceed 4000 characters.

Viewing a Position

You can view any saved position by clicking on the position name, or by position coordinates. If the current position coordinate is not one of your saved positions, you will be given the option to save this position.

Deleting a Position

To delete a saved position, you must select the edit option from the view page of the position. On the edit page, there is a link to delete the position.

Note: Once you delete a saved position, you will lose the comment that you made. However, you can always add the position again, but you will need to write a new comment.

Searching for a Position

To search for a position, navigate to the Search Position link from the menu. You can then search by position name, position coordinates, or both. If you search by position coordinates, you must enter all three of latitude, longitude, and altitude.

Results will first display any matchings to your saved positions, and then any other potential positions saved by other individuals.

Shared Positions

To help connect the world, saved positions are made available to any user. Any user saved positions, including its name, coordinates, and comments can be viewed by any other individual, whether they are a friend or not. There is no method to not share a saved position; however, you will also have the prilevge to view other individual's saved positions.

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